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Sharing brand messaging across a variety of visual channels means more visibility, more sales!

One of Fluesbrothers fleet vans with vinyl lettering and graphics created and installed by Signco.


Fluesbrothers, a local Kansas City chimney and fireplace service company, first engaged Signco over 10 years ago to create and install bold, yet straightforward, messaging graphics on their growing fleet of service vehicles. Signco’s graphic design team first went to work on Fluesbrothers’ logos, graphics, and typography to assure the company’s brand messaging would clearly stand out on their vehicles.

The objective of the vehicle branding strategy was to gain the attention of potential customers as the fleet traversed the city on service calls. The graphics needed to make it clear what the company does and make it easy for prospects to contact them – all while projecting the company’s light-hearted and approachable personality in a professional manner.

The wide variety of vehicle types in Fluesbrothers fleet meant that there was not a “one size fits all” graphic solution. The graphics and messaging placement needed to be scaled and designed for each type of vehicle. Even though there were various types and sizes of trucks, vans, and other vehicles in the fleet, Fluesbrothers felt Signco embraced the unique challenges and the opportunities presented by the available surface area of each vehicle. Signco created and installed a unique graphics package for each – enabling Fluesbrothers to have an army of rolling billboards spreading their brand’s messaging far and wide every day of the week!

According to Fluesbrothers, the fleet branding project was an unqualified success – so they reached out to Signco on another branding project – storefront signage.


Fluesbrothers moved into a new headquarters building on Southwest Blvd. in Kansas City and were in need of storefront signage. Since the Signco team was quite familiar with Fluesbrothers’ branding and graphic preferences, it was a natural decision to reach out to Signco on the project. The building was constructed from red brick, a material that ironically was an element of many chimneys the company serviced.

Signco thought there might be a way to incorporate the brick motif into the signage and still communicate the Fluesbrothers branding effectively. Signco’s graphic design team studied the surface area of the building and considered the materials they might incorporate to create this unique signage. Signco’s solution was a signage installation that gave the illusion of a white brick wall with the company’s name and logo painted on the brick – when in fact the signage was actually high-quality, weather-resistant vinyl. The graphics – including the brick motif – were printed on the vinyl and the vinyl was installed directly onto the building. The end result was an awesome storefront sign that, once again, perfectly represented the company’s brand!

A Fluesbrother employee wearing a branded long-sleeve T-shirt from Signco.


With a sleek-looking fleet rolling through the streets and a sharply-branded headquarters building on a major thoroughfare to match, Fluesbrothers noted they saw not only a significant increase in new customers – but also in return customers! The increased visibility reminded former customers to contact the company for another fireplace or chimney need.

To further build on the company’s professionally branded appearance, Fluesbrothers reached out to Signco to inquire about creating branded seasonal uniforms for their employees. From long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees to jackets, balls-caps, and more, Signco had a wide variety of apparel types and styles available in a broad range of pricing options – varying from embroidered logos on caps to silkscreen surface areas for messaging on the fronts and backs and even sleeves of durable summer and winter weight tees.

The new apparel was a hit with employees – and it ensured that when a Fluesbrothers team member arrived on a job, the customer would recognize them and feel more at ease. The branded apparel, like the fleet of vehicles, also made its way around town, as employees went about their daily work assignments – but also as they ran errands after work, or gathered with friends and family on weekends.

Smart business owners have learned that employing visual marketing strategies is one of the most effective ways to promote their companies. From fleet vehicles to building signage to branded apparel, nothing speaks as frequently and as immediately to business prospects – or inspires trust and credibility within your current customer base. Signco makes creating a brand package easy, thanks to our expert project managers, experienced graphic designers, and a highly trained fabrication and installation team. Whether your business needs new signage, new fleet graphics, branded apparel, or an entire brand makeover, Signco is your one-stop shop for all your branded business needs!

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