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Signco has been the Kansas City Streetcar Authority’s top choice for wrap installers for 5 years now!

KC Streetcar Jazz Wrap

Every wrap job has its challenges, but few are quite as unique as the streetcar. These beasts are massive – 77 f00t-long canvases with a lengthy list of safety and logistical requirements. The Signco team handles every step of the wrap job – designing, fabricating, and installing – ensuring each step is completed to exceed the KCSA’s expectations.

The first step to any wrap job is scaling the art and messaging to not only fit but make an impact when wrapped on the streetcar. Many of the eye-catching wraps you see on the streetcar are actually designed by local artists to represent Kansas City’s rich history and vibrant culture. The designers at Signco work closely with these artists to make certain their work is properly scaled to look its best on the streetcar.

Some streetcar wraps even included wraps for seats!

With a precise design in place, the fabrication team can get to work printing the vinyl wraps. The streetcars run day in and day out, in all weather conditions – from hours and hours of direct sun exposure to heavy rains, snow, and ice – these wraps don’t budge, tear, or fade. That’s thanks to both the high quality of 3M vinyl products used by Signco and the team’s expertise in installation. In fact, Signco’s wrap installers are professionally trained and officially certified by 3M, ensuring the wrap’s quality through and through.

Click here to learn more about Signco’s work with the KC Streetcar!


Signco’s ability to adapt and conquer any wrap job that comes their way is what makes them the leading vehicle wrap team in Kansas City! Large or small, Signco makes sure every wrap is done right, going above and beyond for their clients every time. Click here to learn more about wraps from Signco!


Check out some behind-the-scenes footage of the Signco team wrapping the streetcar below!



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