Fluesbrothers Chimney Service

“Signco is the reason we look so good!”

Professionally Wrapped Fleet

Fluesbrothers Chimney Service is a professional chimney and fireplace services company that has been working in the Kansas City area for over 20 years. This well-known local business began working with Signco over 10 years ago to help expand the reach of their business through a number of different signage and branding methods.

The first project Signco handled for Fluesbrothers was branding for their fleet of company trucks. Fluesbrothers founder and owner, Jeremy Biswell, wanted a design that wasn’t too busy, would work on a variety of vehicle types, and effectively communicate their brand with a bold yet simple, approach.

Fluesbrothers has a simple one-color icon as a logo mark – a dancing silhouette of a top-hatted chimney sweep. Also, a playful and memorable company name – Fluesbrothers. And a phone number and URL as key elements for fleet branding. After carefully studying the customer’s needs, it became clear that the most flexible, impactful, dynamic, and cost-effective solution for branding the multi-dimensional fleet of trucks and vans was the use of vinyl lettering and vinyl cutouts. The new look was a winner – the bold red vans and trucks with the bright white type and black accent colors couldn’t be missed!

The next collaboration came about as Fluesbrothers purchased their own building and returned to Signco with a new project – a need for an eye-catching sign for their new storefront. Signco worked together with Fluesbrothers to come up with a design that perfectly suited the brand and came complete with an optical illusion. The signage area above the street-level corner entrance featured a Fluesbrothers logo that looked to be painted directly on white brick. In reality, the signage was all created digitally – the Fluesbrothers logo was digitally merged with a white brick background and invisibly fastened above the entrance.

Once installed, the look was seamless! The finished signage was perfect and Fluesbrothers reported a significant influx of new foot traffic. The look of the signage fit in well with the company’s Southwest Boulevard building and the overall neighborhood and its many brick buildings.

Thanks to the new storefront signage, locals who were in need of chimney services, but had not noticed Fluesbrothers in the neighborhood, became the company’s first-ever walk-in customers as they stopped in to learn more about Fluesbrothers chimney and fireplace services – and even scheduled appointments.

Another service Fluesbrothers contracted with Signco was to create branded company shirts for their crews to wear on the job. Uniform companies were expensive, and since Signco has all the artwork and branding information, designing and ordering new uniform shirts (one set for summer months and another complete set for winter months) through Signco was quick and easy.

Through numerous and varied projects, Signco and Fluesbrothers have worked effectively together, using a variety of different custom branding services, to help build a bold and memorable look that new customer prospects and past customers alike recognize from the company’s storefront, vehicle fleet, and employee uniforms.

You gotta make it easy, or people won’t come back, and Signco does just that. They are incredibly responsive and helpful, and their team takes initiative and gets every project we bring them done exactly how we want it. Their pricing is extremely fair, especially considering the high-level quality of their work and their products. It’s a hard time for businesses right now and Signco makes it easier.

Jeremy BiswellOwner, Fluesbrothers Chimney Services