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Honesty and Integrity in Vehicle Wraps

Attention To Detail

Open & Shut is a local window and door replacement company in the Kansas City metro area known for using only top-of-the-line premium products and providing expert window replacement and door installation services. When Open & Shut engages a homeowner on a project, their approach is thorough and straightforward – no detail, big or small, goes unnoticed. Their business values include honesty and integrity in all customer interactions.

Those same values of honesty and integrity – and attention to detail – are expected from their supply partners. So, when Open & Shut went about choosing a company to wrap their work vehicles, they chose Signco. Signco’s business values aligned with Open & Shut’s – and there was clear communication, honest pricing, and a perfectionist’s approach to every detail.

According to Open & Shut owner, Pat Strand, the company’s experiences with previous wrap companies left much to be desired. Other companies had done poor wrap jobs on their vehicles in the past. And, when they needed an old wrap on their box truck removed, they were quoted “ridiculously high” rates. That’s when a colleague recommended Strand talk to Signco.

Strand placed a call to Signco about the wrap removal project – a project that had been dragging on for some time with no good solution in sight. Signco’s owner, Mike Sailer, understood the near-term need for the wrap removal from the box truck and provided a fair price for the work – a price that Strand said, “blew the competitor’s cost out of the water.”

Signco removed the old wrap with ease in record time and at the price quoted. Then Signco went to work with Open & Shut to collaborate on the design of new vehicle wraps that would be attention-getting, promote their brand, and be able to scale in size from a wrap on an estimator’s Mini Cooper, or an installation crew’s panel truck. The bold design mockups were a winner and work was started right away.

Work began on the box truck vehicle wrap but, as installation began, it soon became clear that one of the selected colors on the newly printed wrap was a bit off. As with all things custom, sometimes things do not go exactly as planned. Signco had noticed a slight variation in the unique gray color used in Open & Shut’s branding and how that color reproduced on the printed wrap versus how it appeared in other print materials.

Signco contacted Open & Shut about the color variation and asked Strand to stop in and see the color shift issue in-person on the partially completed wrap. Open & Shut agreed the gray color was off. Signco knew what needed to be done to fix the problem. Without hesitation, Signco removed the wrap and used an enhanced printing technique to achieve exactly the color needed. Open & Shut was never pressured to go with the initial wrap and the new wrap was printed and installed at no extra cost to Open & Shut.

The team at Signco stands behind their work and they provided us with excellent customer service. Business owners don’t need any more problems – when working with Signco, they only brought us solutions. With the color issue, they kept us in the loop and solved the problem right away. With scheduling, they were flexible and conscious of the importance of that box truck to us. Without our truck, we can’t do our job, so they wrapped it over a weekend for us so that we were back to work right away.

I was so impressed by Signco and how they handled the box truck wrap that we brought them our sales car, a Mini-Cooper, to wrap and they did a great job on it, too. Beyond the experience of working with Signco, the quality of the materials and installation is outstanding. Our truck has been wrapped for a year and a half and we have never had any issues with peeling or fading.

Pat StrandOwner, Open and Shut Windows

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